Approved Provider Application

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An approved provider may be an individual, institution, organization or agency responsible for the development, implementation, evaluation, financing, record keeping and quality of continuing nursing education activities. Rather than submit an application for a single event, you submit an application to become a provider of continuing education. An approved provider is authorized to independently award contact hours for continuing education for their organization through adherence to ANCC standards. Examples of providers include: an individually owned business, university, community college or patient care facility. A commercial interest organization cannot be an Approved Provider. An approved provider may award contact hours for an unlimited number of educational activities during its three-year approval period. Approved providers may NOT approve continuing education for other entities.

New 2015 Criteria

  • Applications accepted three times per year (March 1, July 1 & November 1) see cycle chart below
  • Application review fee applies based on type of organization
  • All Applicants must meet specific eligibility requirements to apply (see intent to apply form)

In order to become a provider of continuing nursing education programs, your organization must offer three individual continuing nursing education programs that have been approved by an Accredited Approver Unit or by the Northeast Multistate Division and the programs have to be completed before the submission of the provider application.

Application Process

  • A clerical completeness check is performed to ensure all the necessary paperwork is included. Your facility will be notified if required information is missing.
  • When the missing clerical documentation (if needed) are received, the application is placed in our reviewer queue and assigned to the next available Nurse Peer Reviewer(s) for review.
  • Once the application review is complete, the Nurse Peer Reviewer(s) then provides our education specialist the appropriate documentation required for finalizing your application.
  • All application documentation and Nurse Peer Reviewer(s) assessment are sent to our Nurse Peer Review Leader for final review and approval.
  • You will receive an approval letter from Northeast MSD once your Approved Provider application has been fully approved.  If you have any questions, please email

Submission Instructions

  • All Approved Provider Applicants are required to submit an intent-to-apply form to ensure you meet all the criteria and submit a $200 intent-to-apply fee.
  • Once the intent to apply form is completed and submitted, the Nurse Peer Review Leader will review and verify your intent to apply eligibility. The education specialist will notify you by email if your organization is eligible to continue with your Approved Provider application process.
  • All Approved Provider applicants are required to submit three sample continuing nursing education activities.
  • Approved Provider applications need to be submitted in table of contents order
  • When your application and supporting documentation are complete, please submit payment below.
  • Email one completely merged application file to

Approved Provider Application - 2018

Three Individual Activity Files - Use an activity file documentation check list to insure your activity files are complete for review:

Approved Provider Annual Reports - Due January 31st each year of approval period

Activity Documentation Forms - 2018
Additional Resources 
Join the Northeast MSD Nurse Peer Review Education Committee - learn how to review Individual Activities and Approved Provider Self Study applications as a means to stay current as a nurse planner and network with peers.

Submit Payment

Application Review Fee

$200.00 Intent-to-Apply Fee 

Organizations interested in applying to become an Approved Provider must complete the eligibility verification process, meet all eligibility requirements and submit a $200 intent-to-apply fee. The Northeast Multistate Division is responsible for ensuring that the applicant is eligible to apply. The $200 intent-to-apply fee may be paid by check or credit card through the Northeast Multistate Division website. The intent-to-apply fee is non-refundable if the organization submits an intent-to-apply form and decides not to proceed with the submission of the full Approved Provider application. 

$2,300.00 Single Agency Provider (1 Facility)

SINGLE AGENCY PROVIDER: A single agency provider may be part of a larger corporate system. However, the single agency/hospital is only providing continuing education for the agency/hospital named in the application. A single agency/hospital provider does not act as the provider of continuing education for multiple agencies/hospitals.

$3,300.00 System Provider (2 to 6 Facilities)

SYSTEM PROVIDER: A system provider is a multi‐agency/hospital/health care system providing health care services through three or more agencies/hospitals that share a common mission and/or purpose. The system is a corporation with a central administration providing services to all of the agencies/hospitals within the corporate structure. A system provider has in place at the corporate level a centralized staff development and/or continuing education department responsible for planning and implementing a system wide continuing education program. All agencies/hospitals in system must be named in the application and remain unchanged throughout approval period.

$4,600.00 Mega System Provider (7 or more Facilities)

MEGA PROVIDER: A multi-agency or multi-hospital health care system with seven or more agencies/hospital and/or have facilities in more than one state with a centralized Approved Provider Unit awarding contact hours system wide for continuing education activities. 

$500.00 Late Fee

A late fee of $500.00 is assessed for applications not meeting the self-study application cycle date listed below. Extensions up to 3 months may be granted at the discretion of the Northeast MSD Accredited Approver Unit and must be requested in writing with explanation of cause. Extension dates will not change the original approval period. For example the expiration date is 5/1/2016, an extension is granted to 8/1/2016. Application is submitted and approved and expiration date is 5/1/2019, a three year period based on your original expiration date.

Annual Fee

Approved Providers are required to pay an annual fee and submit their yearly report due on January 31st.

Annual reporting notices will go out first week of December.

Email completed annual monitoring report, continuing education summary documents and one complete merged education activity file to

  • Single Agency Annual Fee $150.00
  • System Provider Annual Fee $250.00
  • Mega System Provider Annual Fee $400.00

Approved Provider Cycle

March CYCLE July CYCLE November CYCLE
Intent to Apply Due November 1 March 1 July 1
Application Due
March 1 July 1 November 1
Final Decision Rendered June 1 - September 1 October 1 - January 1 February 1 - May 1

Submit Payment

The Northeast Multistate Division is accredited as an approver and provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation (ANCC COA).

If you have any questions please call 1-888-373-1291, Extension 2 or E-mail  and one of our CNE Specialist will be happy to assist you.

Billing question call 1-888-373-1291, Extension 4 or E-mail