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Important changes are happening within our State Nurse Association's (SNA) Continuing Nursing Education Unit. In the beginning of 2013, each (SNA) had decided to become part of the Northeast Multistate Division of ANA (NEMSD). The Northeast MSD consists of five states; ANA-Maine, New Hampshire Nurses Association, ANA-New York, ANA-Rhode Island, and ANA-Vermont. Each (SNA) will continue to retain its own state identity while utilizing shared resources within the Northeast MSD. The Northeast MSD will provide unified tools and technologies; another goal is to streamline our resources while taking advantage of ANA capabilities and resources in order to strengthen each (SNA).

A key pooled resource for all states involved in the NEMSD is the creation of the Northeast Multistate Division Continuing Nursing Education Unit (NEMSD CNE Unit). As a unified CNE unit we are streamlining applications, combining staff resources, and establishing a better communication flow with our continuing nursing education applicants - both individual activity clients and approved providers.

During this transition we are looking to grow our network of Nurse Peer Reviewers.

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Northeast MSD Continuing Education Peer Reviewers Needed


  • Registered nurse in ME, NH, NY, RI or VT with valid license.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing or higher in nursing.
  • Current ME, NH, NY, RI or VT member.
  • Relevant knowledge and experience to participate in the peer review process.
  • Proficiency in accessing email and email attachments.
  • Available to complete 1-2 reviews per month
  • Available to participate in a 1 hour Bi-monthly Nurse Peer Reviewer conference call
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Nurse Peer Reviewer qualification process:
  • Complete your online Nurse Peer Reviewer qualification form online
  • We will also need a copy of your CV for the qualification process, please upload to our online portal
  • To learn more contact Northeast MSD Director of Professional Development today at 
Training provided

Nurse Peer Reviewer will be training to understand the ANCC accreditation criteria and will be responsible for appropriately apply and monitoring ongoing compliance with ANCC Accreditation program criteria by Individual Activity Applicants and Approved Providers.